This is a 40HP on-off pressure atomized oil fired water-tube steam generator with electric ignition.

This steam generator is basically equipped with a forced draft blower, fuel pump mounted upon the blower shaft, fuel and water bypass control, plus the necessary safety devices. The water pump, fuel pump and blower are belt driven by a prime mover.

The burner (fuel spray-head) is a down draft type style, capable of burning No.2 commercial standard fuel oil. Incoming air is delivered to the burner by a multi-vane blower wheel. An automatic damper-operated cylinder, positions the damper by regulated fuel pressure. Desired operating steam pressure is automatically maintained by the combination (fuel and water) bypass control. The steam pressure settings can be changed manually, by adjusting a 3-point handle on the water bypass control. (Refer to “RP” bulletin for the steam pressure range settings.) Steam generation is almost immediate upon starting. Full steam pressure is available in about two minutes after a cold start-up. A safety valve is installed on the generator to prevent the steam pressure from rising above the safe working pressure of the generator.

See the attached specification/data sheet for more information. Click here to see this GS unit specification.


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