The GP-600 is one of the industry’s larger pressure trucks. It is versatile for medium to high pressures, as well as medium to high volumes. This unit comes with a 10,000 psi (1277LPM) triplex pump for using in higher pressure situations and a large gear pump to take care of the smaller fluid movement and pre-charging the triplex.

Also, this unit has a decent capacity for hauling fluids, with a 12 cubic meter 2 compartment hauling tank. Two compartments for hauling crude or whatever production fluid is needed. Standard breakdown is 8 cubic meters in the front compartment and 4 cubic meters in the rear compartment.

The difference between the GP-600 with a cabin and the normal GP-600 is the operators room attached to the cab. With the GP-600, some of the jobs take longer than normal, that is why we are providing the opportunity for people to purchase this piece of equipment with an easy and convenient room from which to work.


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