The 50M GH-165 is one of the more common hot oil units in the industry. It is versatile for low to medium pressures, as well as low to medium volumes. This unit comes with a 5,000 psi (500LPM) triplex pump for using in higher pressure situations, a centrifugal pump to circulate fluids at high volume through the heater and a roper pump to take care of the smaller fluid movement.

Heating will be no problem either, because this unit also comes with our highest efficiency heater, the 50M ThermoGen Heater. This heater has the capacity to move 370LPM in series and 530LPM in parallel.

Also, this unit has a decent capacity for hauling fluids, with a 10.3 cubic meter 3 compartment hauling tank. One compartment dedicated to hauling diesel for the heater and the other two compartments for hauling crude or whatever production fluid is needed.

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