At GenTex, our goal is to provide our customers with safe hot oil units that are easy to operate. When incidents occur, many can be attributed to some sort of operator error or a lack of safety precautions. The training that GenTex can offer is a valuable step in implementing safe practices of any heating or pumping operations.

For our domestic clients, GenTex™ has an on-site training facility where we offer both classroom and on-line instruction, as well as hands-on demonstrations for our heating equipment (hot oil units and heating units) and pumping equipment (pressure trucks). Our training facility is equipped with a mock wellhead so our trainees can learn how to practically apply their equipment on location.

GenTex provides on-site training to our international clients as a value added service. We have provided our customers with new opportunities for production enhancement around the world. Providing innovation and technological improvement around the globe is part of the GenTex™ Advantage.

Training Programs Offered:

On-line Theoretical courses: (Prerequisite to on-site training)
On-line Theoretical courses: (Prerequisite to on-site training)
  1. Introduction to Heating & Hot Oil Units (4-6 hour course)
  2. Introduction to Pressure & Pumping Units (2-4 hour course)
Each course includes:
  • Introduction to the equipment and equipment uses
  • Introduction to major components of the equipment
  • Pre-job, job and post-job procedures
  • Safety
  • Trouble shooting
  • Quizzes and Final Exam
On-site Practical courses
  1. Introduction to Heating & Hot Oil Units (3 day course) **
  2. Introduction to Pressure & Pumping Units (2 day course)
Each course includes:
  • Continuation of major components
  • Operation of pumping/heating equipment at our on-site well head
  • Minor maintenance & repair
  • Trouble shooting
  • Case Studies/Incidents
  • Final exam- practical (hands on)
  • Basic understanding of equipment and usage
  • Basic understanding of major components
  • Understanding of different procedures for performing work
  • Basic understanding for maintenance of major components
  • Basic understanding for troubleshooting on-location
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