Wes Cupples (Garett’s father) started General Hot Oil & Chemical Cleaning Ltd.


Garett started working for Wes at General Hot Oil & Chemical Cleaning Ltd.


Garett bought his 1st hot oil unit, and started his own service company


Garett completed buying the final hot oil unit from Wes and General Hot Oil & Pressure Services is created; replacing General Hot Oil & Chemical Cleaning Ltd.


Garett started General Hot Oilers Inc., the manufacturing company


General Hot Oilers Inc. made first international sale (sold a heater to China)


Sold hot oil unit to India

2002 (March)

Garett sold General Hot Oil & Pressure Services, the service company

2002 (March)

General Hot Oilers Inc. purchased the TEXSTEAM Heating Division from Dresser Flow Control based in Houston, Texas

2002 (September)

General Hot Oilers Inc. changes name to GenTex Oilfield Manufacturing Inc. to reflect the recent purchase of TEXSTEAM, and the manufacturing focus of the company

2002 (November)

GenTex™ creates a world record for manufacturing the ‘world’s largest trailer-mounted hot oil unit’ for the Alaskan oilfield

2004 (January)

Sold steamer to Gabon

2004 (August)

Sold hot oil unit to Kazakhstan


Sold heating units to Russia

2006 (July)

Sold hot oil unit to Colombia

2006 (August)


GenTex/General Hot Oilers Inc. celebrates 10 years as an oilfield equipment manufacturer


Sold hot oil unit to Poland


Began developing the stock unit lineup to achieve quicker deliveries and fixed pricing

2010 (May)

First stock pressure truck completed

2010 (July)

Sold steamer to Brunei

2010 (Sept)

First stock hot oil unit completed


GenTex develops 200M ThermoGen Heater (20MM BTU Output)

2012 (December)

Sold heater to Germany


Sold heating unit to Romania

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