With over 60 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and operation of heating  and pumping equipment,GenTex Oilfield Manufacturing Inc. origins stem back to a service company called General Hot Oil & Chemical Cleaning Ltd. which started back in the 1960’s and from a manufacturing company called TEXSTEAM Inc. from the 1950’s.

General Hot Oil & Chemical Cleaning Ltd., based out of Central Alberta, was started by Wesley James Cupples in 1968. Wesley owned and operated the company for 20 years before Garett Cupples, Wesley’s son, purchased his first truck from Wesley in 1988. Garett had purchased the rest of General’s fleet over a 7 year period (last truck was purchased in 1995), and then ran under the name General Hot Oil & Pressure Service.

After having worked many years in the oil patch and building several hot oil units for his service company, Garett saw the need for safer, economical and reliable hot oiling equipment. With these three concepts in mind, Garett set out to start a manufacturing company calling it General Hot Oilers Inc., which offered these three crucial elements in 1997. A few years later in 2002, General Hot Oilers Inc. acquired the TEXSTEAM Heating Division from Dresser Flow Control, in Houston, Texas, inheriting the most efficient direct diesel fired technology. Garett’s service company, which was called General Hot Oil & Pressure Service was sold in 2002 and GenTex Oilfield Manufacturing Inc. was created. Today, GenTex remains committed to providing its customers with the most efficient, ergonomic and safe hot oil and pressure units in the world.

GenTex has evolved into a fully integrated manufacturing, service, training and supply company. GenTex specializes in the design, fabrication and servicing of truck, trailer and skid mounted oilfield equipment for upstream and downstream processes and applications. GenTex exports into 19 countries across 5 continents.

GenTex currently manufactures the best of its kind in high output oilfield heaters and holds the record for manufacturing the world’s largest trailer mounted hot oil unit for the Alaskan oilfield. GenTex has come a long way since the early days, but we do not forget to celebrate our history.

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