GenTex Diesel Fired Heaters

Return on investment in as little as seven months. Ask us how!

GenTex is one of the original innovators and manufacturers of the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly direct diesel fire heater technology. We are proud to offer our customers with the quality, safety, durability and economic benefits that over 60 years combined experience in the design and manufacturing of direct diesel fired heater technology has provided.

Our heaters have been tested and proven to reach over 90% thermal efficiency. It has been shown that we have 25% increased efficiency over other diesel heaters and 40% more efficient than other propane heaters, at a third of the operating and maintenance costs.


2.5MM BTU Output

2,780,000 BTU Output
84% Efficiency
Flow Rate: 270 lpm
Heats 400 bbls in 156 minutes

3.5MM BTU Output

3,580,000 BTU Output
85% Efficiency
Flow Rate: 260 lpm (series) or 510 lpm (parallel)
Heats 400 bbls in 124 minutes

5MM BTU Output

5,500,000 BTU Output
92% Efficiency
Flow Rate: 570 lpm (series) or 750 lpm (parallel)
Heats 400 bbls in 83 minutes

7MM BTU Output

7,150,000 BTU Output
87% Efficiency
Flow Rates: 575 lpm
Heats 400 bbls in just 63 minutes

20MM BTU Output

20,000,000 BTU Output
86% Efficiency
Flow Rate: 1430 lpm
Heats 400 bbls in just 23 minutes

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