GenTex CDC System

Reliable, Durable, Rugged:

  • GenTex CDC systems are PLC based. PLC based systems are unlike Windows systems, meaning a simpler program to run, more secure, faster and does not freeze or get viruses like a PC system.
  • True Mobile Design- With the GenTex CDC System, there is no need for enclosures as GenTex systems are engineered for extreme weather, rugged terrain and off-road applications (shock proof), ensuring a long lifetime that will deliver accurate results in -50.
  • The GenTex CDC System does not utilize a touchscreen interface, resulting in no ‘miss-hits’ when retrieving your data or adjusting settings, screens are kept clean. Repairs and replacement parts are kept minimal.

Low Maintenance, Low Costs:

  • With our true mobile design, GenTex CDC systems are modular with easy accessible parts that can be replaced in sections, on location. No special technician is required as the systems is field repairable, leading to less downtime and lower repair costs.

Data Retrieval, Simplified:

  • GenTex CDC Systems are operator friendly with easy navigation
  • Utilizing only 9 function keys and 1 rocker switch with pushbutton all featuring tactile feedback
  • One page print outs of your most crucial data with a simple touch of a button
  • Copy job reports to USB stick in seconds

No Hidden Fees:

  • GenTex CDC systems do not require upgrades, subscriptions, activation fees or technical support. Minimal upgrades can be done by choice with technical support over the phone in as little as 5 minutes.


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